Interpreter for Russian/German

Kroll Languages provides interpreters for Russian/German and other language combinations with Russian. About 100 million second-language speakers speak Russian, in addition to the 150 million people who use it as their first language. Russian is the official language in Russia and many other states of the former Soviet Union, including Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine. There are also significant Russian-speaking minorities, especially in the Baltic States. We provide you with the Russian language services you need!

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Russian interpreters and translators

In addition to the political arena, Russian interpreters and translators are frequently booked for clients with connections to companies from countries in Eastern Europe, Russia, and their neighboring countries. Therefore, business conferences or translating relevant documents is a frequent field of application. A particular challenge in translation is working with the Cyrillic alphabet and the transliteration of proper names, for which various guidelines exist. The ISO 9 guidelines are mandatory for the certified translation of documents.

Simultaneous and relay interpreting with interpreters for Russian

Interpreters for Russian, German, and English other language combinations are, of course, used for both simultaneous and relay interpreting. In simultaneous interpreting, the interpretation occurs directly from the source language into the target language, e.g., from Russian to German or vice versa. A third language is used in relay interpretation, e.g., if the Russian interpreter does not speak Portuguese. In this case, English would be the relay language. The Portuguese interpreter translates into English; the Russian interpreter listens to the English output and translates it into Portuguese. The coordination and precision of the translation into the intermediate language are essential so that the context and content of the spoken word remain as consistent as possible.

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