Interpreter for Lithuanian

Lithuanian, like Latvian, is one of the surviving Baltic languages. As part of the Indo-European language, it has similarities to ancient Latin, ancient Greek, and especially the classical Indian language Sanskrit. There are about four million native speakers, most of whom live in Lithuania. Lithuanian interpreters are also needed in Poland and the US, where Lithuanian is a minority language. Lithuanian interpreters can also support you in Brazil, Argentina, Sweden, Latvia, and many other countries.

Altstadt von Vilnius mit zwei litauischen Flaggen, die rechts aus einer Hauswand ragen
Sonnenuntergang über die Himmelfahrtskirche in Vilnius

Interpreter for Lithuanian/German

As the oldest language in Europe, attempts are made to preserve the language from other foreign languages. Our Lithuanian interpreters are proficient in the language and the two prevalent dialects in Lithuania. The intonation of words can lead to misunderstandings among laypeople, which is why it is essential to recognize the intonation and, thus, the correct meaning of the word, especially during business meetings. Kroll Languages provides qualified interpreters for Lithuanian/German and other language combinations.

Application areas

We offer interpreting in our main languages and the mediation of numerous other language combinations from our extensive network for major events, press conferences, or training courses. Our interpreters cover a broad spectrum in finance, medicine, industry, education, sports, television, and media. Whether on-site or via remote interpreting, we offer comprehensive services in addition to pure interpreting. In our Hub in Düsseldorf, we are professionally equipped for your videoconference and will take care of the entire technical organization for your next videoconference.

Drohnenaufnahme der Wasserburg Trakai in Litauen