Interpreter for Portuguese/German and other combinations

As interpreters for Portuguese/German and other language combinations, this language is one of our main areas of expertise. Originally native to the Iberian Peninsula, today, well over 250 million people on four continents speak Portuguese as a native or second language. The best-known country where Portuguese is spoken as a native language (besides Portugal itself) is Brazil. More than 220 million people speak Portuguese there. Portuguese is also widely spoken in African countries like Angola, Mozambique, Macau, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, and São Tomé and Príncipe in Africa and East Timor in Asia.

Portuguese interpreters: language diversity at Kroll Languages

As Portuguese interpreters, we translate from Portuguese directly into one of our other main languages (German, English, French, Italian, Spanish). We are also happy to organize additional interpreters from our network for other languages, such as Dutch, Polish, Arabic, Japanese, or Korean, which allows us to cover many settings effectively and with different scenarios. We render our interpretation services, e.g., during board meetings or meetings of committees of cross-border organizations. Communication may become problematic during international gatherings. Therefore, simultaneous interpretation makes everyone’s job easier, especially for videoconferencing.

Interpreter for Portuguese/German: Simultaneous or Relay

As interpreters for Portuguese, German, English, Spanish, and Italian or other pairs, we can work simultaneously and also offer relay interpreting into several different languages. Regarding simultaneous interpreting, the translation is rendered immediately after the speaker has started to speak with a minimum delay; in relay interpreting, a third language is used before the translation into the target language takes place. We are also happy to provide you with premises and event technology at our Hub in Erkrath (near Düsseldorf). Please get in touch with us to discuss your upcoming interpretation project.