English/German interpreter

Interpreters for English/German or other language combinations in connection with the English language are always in demand. After all, English in its various forms is the mother tongue of around 340 million people worldwide; depending on the estimate, there are up to 1.75 billion people who speak English, including second language speakers. The enormous spread of the English language throughout the world has meant that English has long been the main language for international communication and business relations and has remained one of the most important languages to this day.

Interpreters for English: Why Kroll Languages?

Interpreters for English should ideally also be able to interpret in several other languages in order to cover the widest possible range of target groups. At Kroll Languages, we as interpreters can cover not only English/German but also combinations with our other main languages (French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese). In addition, we have a wide network of interpreters who interpret in numerous other languages, including European, Arabic and East Asian languages.

This diversity allows us to effectively cover numerous scenarios, especially in the international business context.

English/German Interpreter: Simultaneous or Relay Interpretation

As interpreters for English/German and many other combinations, we can provide simultaneous or relay interpreting. Simultaneous interpreting involves translating directly from one language into the target language, whereas relay interpreting involves translating from the source language into the target language via a third language. This may be necessary, for example, if more than two languages are spoken at a conference and the interpreter hears the first interpretation rather than the source language – for example, because he or she does not understand the source language. Precise translations are therefore essential here. We are happy to put our hub near Düsseldorf at your disposal. Extensive hub services are available for you there. In addition, our team is of course also available for travel.