Interpreter for French/German and other combinations

As professional interpreters for French/German and other language combinations, we know that French is essential. In Europe alone, France and Switzerland are two economically and financially significant countries where French is the official language. In Europe, these are joined by Belgium, Monaco, Luxembourg, and the two largest Channel Islands, Jersey, and Guernsey, as well as numerous countries on the African continent and Canada. Currently, French has more than 300 million speakers worldwide.

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Interpreters for French: Kroll Languages is your reliable partner

We know how vital interpreters can be for communication in the international arena. Therefore, we are active as interpreters in languages besides French: English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian are also part of our portfolio. In addition, we can organize additional interpreters for various other languages for your specific assignment through an extensive network. Among them are numerous other European languages and Arabic and East Asian languages. We can also interpret on-site, via video conferencing, or through our Hub near Düsseldorf, which gives you and us great flexibility.

Interpreting directly into the target language or via relay

By their very nature, our customers are often international. Two or three languages are often spoken at the same conference, which can also be challenging for interpreters. You could use relay interpretation within simultaneous interpreting to ensure that you and the participants understand the content. In this case, translation into the target language is done from a different source than the original/floor language, i.e., from a third language, which requires coordination and, if necessary, rapid switching between multiple languages to ensure accurate interpretation. As interpreters for French and many other languages, we are more than up to the challenge.

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