Interpreter for Swedish

Kroll Languages provides interpreters for Swedish/German and German/Swedish. Due to its Germanic origin, Swedish is a beginner-friendly language, especially in German-speaking countries. It is spoken primarily in Scandinavian Sweden and Finland and is usually understood easily by Scandinavian native speakers from Denmark and Norway. In addition, Swedes and people with knowledge of Swedish live in the USA, Canada, several southern and central European countries, and Australia. Accordingly, interpreters for Swedish can be used in several areas. Of course, the cultural context is essential in interpreting, so we strongly consider it by putting the team together for your project and selecting appropriate professionals.

Stockholm in Schweden
Rote Holzhäuser am Wasser

Interpreters Swedish/German

Tell us about your upcoming event, and we will find suitable interpreters for the Swedish-German language combination. We serve business conversations, private matters as well as legal negotiations. Since we have many interpreters on our team, we know what skills are needed to ensure optimal communication. Our Swedish/German interpreters will happily travel with you to your destination – even abroad. Alternatively, our Hub in Erkrath is available for your digital and hybrid events. We organize, moderate, and interpret your conference according to your requirements. If you have any questions, please contact us for a free consultation.

Services of our interpreters in Swedish/German

In principle, our interpreters for the Swedish language are available to you both at the relevant events on-site and remotely within the framework of distance interpreting. We also offer a translation service for written texts so that contracts and documents, for example, can find their way unerringly from Swedish into German and back again. You are welcome to use our extensive network if you are looking for further language expertise beyond interpreting. We are happy to find suitable Swedish interpreters or serve you in Portuguese, Spanish, or English with our team.

Kanutour durch schwedische Fjorde