Get interpreters for Bosnian at Kroll Languages

At Kroll Languages, we provide interpreters for Bosnian/German and numerous other language combinations of certified quality. The Bosnian language is the first language of more than two million people, mainly from Bosnia and Herzegovina (Bosniaks ethnic group). There are smaller groups of speakers in Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, and some other countries in Western Europe, Turkey, and the USA. Bosnian is closely related to Serbian and Croatian; thus, communication across language barriers is possible.

Blick auf eine alte bosnische Stadt
Traditionelles bosnisches Gebäck

Interpreter for Bosnian/German: versatile

Interpreters for Bosnian/German, as well as for other languages, are highly versatile. Often, the interpreters in our network are also qualified to translate documents, for example. They offer their services for law and justice, administration, and technology. Of course, Bosnian interpreters can also be booked for business meetings.

Kroll Languages: Interpreter placement complements own services

Providing interpreters for Bosnian/German and all other languages is only one part of our services. Of course, we interpret and translate into different languages, e.g., Portuguese to French. Our services are available both on-site and via videoconferencing.

Lastly, we add our Hub Services to the package, offering different videoconference serviceswith interpretation via our hub in Erkrath near Düsseldorf.

Wasserfall in Bosnien und Herzegowina