Japanese interpreters

Of course, you will also find Japanese interpreters in our large network. Japanese is very relevant for interpreters, with more than 120 million people using it as their first language. For around 99 per cent of Japanese residents, Japanese is also their first language, and there are other larger groups in the United States and Brazil. In the United States, this group is about equally divided between the mainland and the state of Hawaii. On the South Pacific island of Angaur, which belongs to Palau, Japanese is also an official language, but there are only 120 inhabitants.

Kirschblüten vor dem Hintergrund des Mount Fuji
Sensoji-Tempel in Tokio

Japanese interpreters in the Kroll Languages network

We would be happy to provide you with Japanese interpreters from our network for your assignment. We have many very good contacts in our industry and can therefore offer you interpreters for Japanese and many other languages that we do not cover ourselves. Our own main languages include German, English, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. Japanese interpreters are in demand in the fields of business and culture, among others. For example, Japan is one of Germany’s most important trading partners and vice versa. Therefore, numerous conferences take place every day for which translations are needed.

Japanese interpreters for video conferences

Due to the great distance between Europe and Japan, many meetings take place via video link. We and the interpreters in our network have extensive experience with video conferencing. Fast and precise interpretation in a video call requires particularly good listening skills and a high level of attention, as there is no personal interaction and the rhythm of the conversation can be different. This is why we provide you with Japanese interpreters who are optimally trained for this task.

Japanische Sushi-Rolle