Interpreter for Urdu

Urdu is closely related to the Hindi language and is considered the twin language of Hindi. Urdu is spoken primarily in India, Pakistan, and Bahrain by approximately 60 million native speakers. Far more people speak Urdu, but not as their first language. This number in Pakistan amounts to less than ten percent due to the many different languages spoken in Pakistan. Nevertheless, Urdu is considered a lingua franca there and links all regions where other dialects are spoken. In total, therefore, there are 104 million Urdu speakers. The widespread use of the language provides Urdu interpreters with a large field of work outside Pakistan and India.

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Die Flaggen von Pakistan und Indien in einer Nahaufnahme

Placement of interpreters for Urdu/German and other languages

As an Indo-Aryan language, Urdu belongs to the Indo-European language family. It has influences from Persian, Arabic, and Turkish. Unlike its twin language, it uses the Arabic-Persian script. Accordingly, experienced Urdu interpreters and translators are needed to translate documents. Kroll Languages can rely on an extensive network of native speakers for this particular task. As a translation agency, we offer qualified translations of contracts, e-mails, and other technical texts. Our professional translators are at your disposal in any language. For example, we offer translations from English, Spanish, Portuguese, and other languages.

Videoconferencing at Kroll Languages

Our extensive service portfolio includes remote interpretation, organization, and support of such a technical setting. For example, if you need an Urdu interpreter for your next virtual business meeting, Kroll Languages will take care of the technical implementation. We will set up the videoconference on your chosen platform, ensure everything runs smoothly, host the conference, and provide you with suitable interpreters. In addition, your event can be streamed via appropriate channels if desired. Get in touch with us and let us plan, host, and moderate your next videoconference. You can focus on the essentials without worrying about technical implementation.

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