Interpreter for Kazakh

Our extensive network also provides Kazakh/German and German/Kazakh interpreters. Kazakhstan’s official language is spoken by about eleven million people today. Besides Kazakhstan, the language is spoken sporadically in China, Russia, Uzbekistan, and Mongolia. As a Western Turkic language, it is closely related to Turkish, Azerbaijani, and Uzbek. Kroll Languages provides professional interpreters for Kazakh in all language combinations.

Im Vordergrund die Flagge von Kasachstan. Dahinter Blick auf die Residenz des Präsidenten.
Skyline von Almaty. Im Hintergrund eine Berglandschaft.

Interpreter Kazakh/German and German/Kazakh

Are you looking for Kazakh interpreters for private, business, or legal matters? Kroll Languages takes care of the placement of qualified interpreters. Whether on-site or via videoconference, our interpreters will travel with you to your destination or support you from our Hub in Erkrath. The Hub is well suited for distance or online interpreting and is ideally equipped for these purposes.

Script and Sign Interpretation

In addition to active translation into all languages and language combinations, Kroll Languages offers speech-to-text and sign language interpretation. Speech-to-text interpretation is especially important for people who are hard of hearing or deaf and do not know sign language. Speech-to-text interpretation is done simultaneously and is written down in the target language. Like sign language interpretation, speech-to-text interpretation happens in real-time, allowing everyone to participate in a discussion actively. We find suitable interpreters with the appropriate qualifications for your matters.

Blick auf die Shopping-Mall von Astana in Kasachstan.