Sign language

Sign language interpreters at Kroll Languages

Sign language interpreters are responsible for the non-verbal communication of language for non-hearing or hard of hearing people. Sign language is similarly complex to other spoken languages. There are considerably more than 100 forms of local sign languages worldwide. In Germany, the right to a sign language interpreter is provided for by law, for example for appointments with authorities, in court or in the case of statements to the police.

Gebärdensprachen-Dolmetscher arbeitet während eines Events

Sign language interpreters: various languages possible and necessary

Sign language interpreters differ in their qualifications for different sign languages and verbal languages. In the German-speaking world alone, there are three sign languages and numerous dialects. The most widespread worldwide is the American Sign Language (ASL). There are also variants of sign language for deaf-blind people, which are communicated by touch. At Kroll Languages, you will receive a specialist who has the qualifications you need for your assignment.

Further services at Kroll Languages

In addition to providing interpreters for sign language and all other languages, we are of course also active in interpreting and translating ourselves. You can find out more about interpreting, translating and video conferencing with us on the relevant pages.

With our hub services, you also book a reliable platform for your multilingual video conferences. In our hub near Düsseldorf, we take care of their successful implementation.

Gebärde für das Wort Dolmetscher in ASL