Interpreter Luxembourgish

Luxembourgish is considered a dying language, spoken by just over 300,000 people worldwide; the similarity to French, German, and Dutch leads to the fallacy that the language can be easily understood. However, this is not the case; thus, Luxembourgish interpreters are indispensable. This is why this language is experiencing a new heyday in social media and television. The Luxembourgish language, or rather the Moselle-Franconian dialect, as it is linguistically correctly called, only became the official national language of Luxembourg in 1984.

Flagge Luxemburgs auf der rechten Seite des Abgeordnetenkammer des Großherzogtums
Panoramaansicht der Hauptstadt Luxemburg des gleichnamigen Landes

Luxembourgish interpreter outside the country

Luxembourgish has to compete with French and German as one of the three official languages. Luxembourgish is taught in school, and more and more people say they also communicate with the Luxembourgish language in everyday life, at work, or with friends. Therefore, Luxembourgish interpreters are essential for translating, even outside Luxembourg. In the east of the Belgian Province de Luxembourg, northwest of the French department Moselle and along the German-Luxembourg border, people speak this language to some extent. Kroll Languages provides interpreters for Luxembourgish and other language combinations for business or private appointments.

Mediation and interpretation

Hiring interpreters from our extensive network is only one part of our services. Our tasks also include interpreting. We interpret in six main languages. In addition to German, French, and Spanish, these are Portuguese, English, and Italian. We support you during business meetings and render interpretation services on-site. In addition to on-site interpreting, we also offer videoconferencing support. Our Hub in Düsseldorf is equipped with professional technology to guarantee a smooth process. Contact us if you are looking for interpreters for your upcoming videoconference.

Altstadt der Stadt Luxemburg mit kleinem Fluss zwischen den Häusern