Do you need to organize a videoconference and you are still looking for capable interpreters for your international guests? Just talk to us today and leave the entire interpretation logistics to us. Kroll Languages is ready to provide Remote Simultaneous Interpreting for any kind of event at any time.

Our concept is professional remote simultaneous interpreting based on state-of-the-art video conferencing systems like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Webex, GoToMeeting, Google Meet, BigBlueButton, etc. We work from our own hub and with our technical team in Erkrath, Germany.

We have specialized in:

  • hosting videoconferences, 
  • organizing break-out sessions, 
  • and streaming events, training, presentations (via Facebook, YouTube, or any other platform of your choice). 

You can simply focus on your meeting, while we will provide you with first-class interpretation and technical services. 

Application areas

Whenever you need an efficient solution for events, meetings (supervisory board meetings, European works council’s (EWC) meetings, arbitration meetings, etc.), press conferences, or training of all kinds: our team at the hub will ensure that your message is conveyed flawlessly in different languages to your guests by the means of real-time simultaneous remote interpreting no matter where the participants are. 

Our conferences are password-protected and only allow access to you and your guests. We are happy to hire your preferred platforms to grant privacy or comply with strict security requirements.

Our clients:

We serve customers from the following areas: banking, finance, insurance, pharmaceutical, medical, engineering, education, institutions, ministries, environmental agencies, nuclear power plants, UN agencies, trade unions, advertising agencies, law firms, notaries, sports, TV, and media. 

Kroll Languages is based in the Düsseldorf area in Germany; thanks to our remote simultaneous interpretation equipment in our own studio, we are now able to serve our clients and provide remote interpretation services worldwide.

Our conference interpreters

We are communication experts, and experience has shown us that interpreting a language is much more than just conveying words. Knowing the culture and appropriate phrases, gestures, and facial expressions is fundamental for understanding the message. 

We have many years of experience of working with various manufacturers, banks, law firms and service providers. Our key customers are renowned companies from the pharmaceutical, chemical, and automotive industries, as well as environmental organizations, banks, and trade unions. We also specialize in patent, family, and criminal law. 

We only provide highly qualified and professional conference interpreters and translators. 

We are also happy to give you consultation on the best method of communication and support before, during and after the event, and collect your feedback at the end.

We work with the right interpreters and the most suited interpreting service for every occasion: 

  • simultaneous, consecutive, liaison, and escort interpreting, remote simultaneous or consecutive interpreting (phone or video);
  • complete booth technology at the hub or on-site, mobile whispering equipment and, last but not least,
  • translations (technical translations and authorized translations).