Interpreters for English, Portuguese, Spanish, and more

We offer interpreting on-site, hybrid (booths on-site and streaming of the interpretation worldwide), and remote interpreting or distance interpreting (RSI) from our Hub in Erkrath near Düsseldorf.

Our RSI concept includes professional remote simultaneous interpreting (RSI). Our technical team will support you during your meetings; they ensure that the bi-directional interpretation will reach you and our guests from our Hub. We work with various online platforms and also with your preferred conference platforms.

Interpreting: comprehensive services

Our scope of services includes hosting, facilitating, organizing break-out sessions, and streaming your event, training, or presentation, if needed.

The stream can run through Facebook, YouTube, or any other custom platform. You concentrate on your event; we care for interpretation and flawless technical implementation.

Remote interpreting is an efficient solution for several types of meetings, like supervisory boards, European works councils, select committees, audit committees, AGMs, board meetings, press conferences, or training sessions. Through real-time remote interpreting, our Hub team ensures your content is delivered to each participant in multiple languages flawlessly.

Our conferences are password protected and only accessible to you and your participants. We are happy to use the preferred platforms or provide a complete solution to our clients.

Our interpreters work in banking, finance, insurance, pharmaceuticals, medicine, industry, education, institutions, ministries, environment, nuclear power, UN, trade unions, advertising agencies, law firms, notary offices, sports, television, and media.

Our interpreters work regionally in North Rhine-Westphalia and throughout Germany. We serve customers in Düsseldorf, Cologne, Bonn, Frankfurt, Essen, Duisburg, Dortmund, Mönchengladbach, Hanover, Hamburg, Berlin, Leipzig, Dresden, Stuttgart, Mannheim, Heidelberg, and Munich, among others.

Our international customers are spread worldwide, for example, in the US, Africa, Latin America (mainly in Brazil), and all over Europe.

Tailored format for interpreting


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Our interpreters

We provide professional interpreters for English, Spanish, Portuguese, and many other languages. We provide all required language pairs for your event. We work exclusively with highly qualified conference interpreters with academic degrees and memberships in professional associations (like VKD, ATA, APIC, and aiic, among others).

The long-term cooperation with experts in our interpreting and translation network in Germany and abroad enables us to provide quality-assured services. Creating customer delight is close to our hearts and has become our company mission.

Service for your occasion

We are communication experts, and practice has shown us that translating one language into another is much more than simply transmitting words. Cultural expertise through expression, gestures, and facial expressions is fundamental for understanding and processing the message to be translated to the audience.

We have many years of experience cooperating with various industrial and service companies. Our regular customers include well-known pharmaceutical, chemical, and automotive companies, environmental organizations, banks, and trade unions. In addition, we specialize in patent, family, and criminal law.

According to your event, we always offer you the right interpreters and proper interpreting services for any occasion:

Simultaneous, consecutive, and liaison interpreting, remote or video interpreting (consecutive or simultaneous), various videoconferencing platforms available

Complete booth technology in the Hub and on-site, as well as mobile whispering systems for assignments on the road, to ensure the best possible interpretation for your event

Translations, technical translations, and certified translations for submission to the authorities in German, Portuguese, English, Spanish, Italian, French, Russian, Polish, Turkish, Chinese, Japanese, and many other languages on request.

Complete organization of interpreters


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