Interpreter for Uzbek/German

Interpreters for Uzbek are needed mainly for native speakers from Uzbekistan. Since 1991, the Uzbek language has been officially considered the national language of Uzbekistan. In addition to the approximately 26 million inhabitants, over 70 percent of whom are native speakers, people in neighboring countries speak Uzbek. These include Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, the People’s Republic of China, and many others. Uzbek belongs to the family of Turkic languages and comprises a large part of this language family, along with Turkish and Azerbaijani. Kroll Languages provides interpreters for Uzbek/German and other language combinations for appropriate occasions.

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Interpreters for written translations in Uzbek

The alphabet has gone through many different periods in Uzbekistan. Until 1923, the written language used the Arabic alphabet before Uzbekistan was occupied, and the Cyrillic alphabet replaced the Arabic one. With the introduction of the Latin alphabet in 1997, the Cyrillic script was partially replaced. Today, both alphabets are used in Uzbekistan. Uzbek translators can therefore translate written translations from the Cyrillic and Latin alphabets. For translations of any kind, Kroll Languages has access to an extensive network of native speakers who can professionally translate your important documents.

Main service interpreting

Among the many services Kroll Languages offers, a core element of our portfolio is interpreting. We offer the six core languages, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and French, as our services. We have access to a large pool of interpreters for all other languages. This extensive network allows us to cover any language and language combination according to your occasion. Upon request, we will accompany your face-to-face event and interpret for you on-site. We offer on-site interpreting in Germany and other European countries. Whether on-site, hybrid or from a distance, in a consultative conversation, we will find the best solution to give you professional and technical support during your event.

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