Sign language interpretation

Sign language interpretation at Kroll Languages

Sign language interpretation is an essential part of our scope of services. As a natural language, it is used by about 80,000 entirely deaf individuals and 16 million with hearing issues in Germany. Sign language consists of gestures, facial expressions, words spoken aloud or silently, and overall body posture. In addition, tactile sign languages are used mainly by blind individuals with hearing impairment, i.e., through the sense of touch.

At Kroll Languages, we provide you with qualified sign language interpreters to suit your needs. In addition to the sign languages used in German-speaking countries and their various dialects, we also provide interpreters for other sign languages, such as American, UK Sign Language, and Brazilian Sign Languages (LIBRAS).

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Sign language interpreters for official appointments

Sign language interpreters are used on various occasions. At official appointments, for example, with the police, in court, or with authorities, you have a legal right to get a sign language interpreter to ensure accessibility and communication in both directions without misunderstandings.

Thanks to our extensive network, we provide sign language interpreters who specialize in these settings and seamlessly interpret between deaf and hearing people. In the case of official meetings, you can also apply for cost reimbursement by relevant social benefit authorities so that you do not incur any additional costs here. Therefore, please learn more about your options in this area; we are also happy to assist you with any questions.

Sign language interpreters at various ceremonies

Sign language interpreting can be crucial at business or private events and official appointments. You can use sign language interpreters at congresses, company negotiations, or events like weddings or anniversaries. Whatever event you are planning or attending, Kroll Languages will find the best partner for you.

Our interpreters will accompany you to your appointment or event on-site for sign language interpreting. For online meetings, we are also happy to provide our Hub Services, which uses a video link to bring sign language interpreters to work and be seen by everyone. Contact us, and we will discuss all the details; we are available by phone, email, and contact form.

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