Interpreter for Danish

We provide interpreters for Danish/German and German/Danish. This Scandinavian language is spoken mainly in Denmark, the sole national language, and in Greenland and the Faroe Islands. In addition, first-language speakers can be found in Iceland, Sweden, Norway, Southern Schleswig, and parts of the US, Canada, and Argentina. Interpreters for Danish can therefore be used in many different areas. We pay particular attention to the cultural context of the planned assignment so that we can select the right interpreter for you, depending on your needs.

Die dänische Flagge vor einem Kirchturm in Kopenhagen
Der berühmte Nyhavn in Kopenhagen mit seinen bunten Häusern

Interpreters Danish/German

Whether you need Danish/German interpreters for business meetings, negotiations, or private matters, we will provide appropriate support for the occasion. As mediators and self-acting interpreters, we know what is essential always to ensure optimal communication. Our interpreters are happy to travel with you on-site to the relevant target country. Alternatively, we can make our hub in Erkrath available to you for purely remote or hybrid events. We can set up a conference using the most modern techniques for the latter option. Depending on the service package booked, we will organize, moderate, and interpret the meeting. If required, please ask for our service directly!

Various services of our interpreters

The activities of Danish interpreters are delivered by on-site interpreting, video conferencing, simultaneous interpreting, and relay interpreting. In addition, we can offer you services in the field of translation so that everything runs smoothly, even in correspondence Danish/German. We and our extensive network will gladly assist you if you require further language expertise besides Danish/German interpreters. We can provide you with the right person for any language; we even come into play when Portuguese, Spanish, or English are required. Contact us so that we can find the best interpreters for you.

Drohnenaufnahme der Stadt Aarhus mit Blick auf die dänische Ostküste