Get an interpreter for Vietnamese/German and more

Our extensive network also includes interpreters for Vietnamese/German and other language combinations. Vietnamese is the official language in Vietnam and is spoken there as a first or second language by approximately 80 million people. In addition, there are several million bilinguals in other countries. Ethnic minorities exist in the US, China, France, and Germany. Vietnamese is also a dominant language in parts of Cambodia, Laos, and southern China.

Bucht in Vietnam
Geschmückte Straße in Vietnam

Vietnamese Interpreter from Kroll Languages

We are happy to organize interpreters for Vietnamese from our network to cover interpretation into numerous languages from all parts of the world during your meeting. If there is no common language of communication or different languages are involved, interpretation is the best option for smooth communication. Participants can communicate in their preferred language in an on-site meeting or via videoconferencing. For this purpose, we offer relay interpreting in addition to simultaneous interpreting.

Hub Services near Düsseldorf

If you need a Vietnamese interpreter and the appropriate premises, we will gladly provide our Hub Services. Based near the Rhine metropolis Düsseldorf, our hub in Erkrath has excellent transport connections. On-site, you will find premises that can be used for various purposes and are well-equipped for simultaneous and relay interpreting.

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