Interpreter:s for Armenian

The provision of interpreters for Armenian and other languages is part of the extensive range of services offered by Kroll Languages. Armenian is the official language of Armenia and the internationally unrecognised Republic of Arzakh (formerly the Republic of Nagorno-Karabakh). Armenian is also a recognised minority or regional language in Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Cyprus and many countries of the former USSR. Overall, there are two spoken language forms today, of which Eastern Armenian dominates in Armenia itself.

Jerevan, Hauptstadt von Armenien
Kloster von Khor Virap

Placement of interpreters for Armenian/German

The placement of interpreters for Armenian/German and other language combinations is based on our large network of professional contacts. We will be happy to establish the appropriate connection for you. Interpreters for Armenian can be used in Germany for appointments with authorities and courts, for accompanying interpreting when travelling or visiting doctors, as well as for negotiations and at schools or seminars.

Services of Kroll Languages

In addition to providing interpreters for all languages, we mainly provide interpreting services ourselves. Interpreting takes place in our main languages German, English, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish on site and, of course, also in video conferencing. In addition, we offer document translation and our hub services. For these, you can book our hub near Düsseldorf for various services, including relay interpreting.

Frontansicht der Kaskade von Jerewan