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This site provides you with the latest interpreting and our own company’s news.

We offer a full range of interpreting services, from the operation of our hub in Erkrath near Düsseldorf, Germany, to the interpretation of video conferences and assignments in Germany and abroad, we offer a complete range of services in the field of interpreting. In addition to interpretation, we also translate texts into various languages. We can arrange interpreters for all languages besides our main languages (German, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish).

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Mega online event, interpreted in the High-Performance RSI HUB

In mid-July, Kroll Languages hosted a mega online event in our in-house Hub. The occasion was the interpretation of a product launch in the e-sports sector. Please read here how we mastered this major challenge!
Thumbnail des Podcasts Wirtschaft Düsseldorf Unplugged mit Cátia Kroll Taliani und Andrea Greuner

We build bridges! – The exciting world of interpretation

In the podcast “Wirtschaft Düsseldorf Unplugged,” Cátia Kroll Taliani gives listeners an insight into her career and explains why the world of interpreting and translation is so exciting.

Videointerpreting with Zoom

As in many areas of the office world, Zoom has become the go-to tool for video interpretation. We use the popular software for standard setups - moderation and streaming included!

Translation and understanding

In the thinkBEYOND podcast, Cátia Kroll talks to Philipp Bahrt about hybrid communication models and their impact on conference interpreting.

The importance of sign language interpreting

Sign language interpreting is used in cultural, educational, or professional settings. Kroll Languages can provide you with specialized sign language interpreters for your event.

The power of language and the role of interpreting

The importance of language continues to grow with globalization and digitalization. At Kroll Languages, we always keep an eye on these developments to always offer our customers up-to-date services.