Interpreter news from Kroll Languages

On this page we provide you with the latest interpreter news and news from our own company.

From the operation of our hub in Erkrath near Düsseldorf to the interpretation of video conferences and assignments at home and abroad, we offer the complete range of services in the field of interpreting. In addition to interpreting, we also translate texts into various languages. In addition to our main languages (German, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish) we can organise interpreters for all other languages.

Here you can gain insights into our varied work and stay informed about interesting news from the industry.

The importance of sign language interpretation

Sign language interpreting is increasingly used in cultural, educational or professional settings. Kroll Languages can provide you with sign language interpreters who are specialised in your event.

The Power of Language and the Role of Interpreting

The importance of language continues to grow with globalisation and digitalisation. At Kroll Languages, we always keep an eye on these developments in order to always offer our customers up-to-date services.