Hindi interpreter

Hindi is among the most widely spoken languages in the world, along with Mandarin, English, and Spanish, mainly because Hindi, as an official language in India, is spoken by around 200 million people. It is also the most important lingua franca in the South Asian country, along with English. Companies worldwide have business relations with India, which is excellent potential for Hindi interpretation. The size of the country, as well as business relationships that span the globe, allow Hindi interpreters to interpret for a variety of conferences and business appointments.

Wehende Flagge von Indien vor einem Sonnenaufgang. Der Himmel ist in orange getränkt
Mehrere Personen die verschiedenfarbige Saris tragen

Interpreters for Hindi and the twin language Urdu

India is considered the most populous nation next to China, which also shows the diversity of languages in the country. 1.4 billion people live in India, and, measured by the number, numerous different languages are also spoken. The official languages include 22 so-called national languages and 35 other languages, sometimes more or less similar to Hindi, making understanding among the country’s various population groups more difficult. On the other hand, speakers of Hindi and Urdu have better linguistic access to each other. Urdu, the twin language of Hindi, is also spoken in India and neighboring Pakistan. Interpreters for Hindi can, therefore, often communicate with Urdu speakers.

The own written language

The peculiarity of the Indian official language is its written language. It is called Devanagari and uses the alphabet of the same name. The Hindi written language is a so-called syllabic script and does not use individual letters but whole syllables as characters. At Kroll Languages, we have an extensive network of interpreters for Hindi, Mandarin, Japanese, and many other languages who are native speakers familiar with the respective country’s written languages, which enables us to provide you with a wide range of services beyond pure interpreting.

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