Hub Services

We provide you with a comprehensive package of event technology consisting of sound engineers and moderators, software and hardware, as well as our hub facility in Erkrath, Germany.

We basically offer three different service packages:

  • Hub Basic Service (flat rate to use our hub facility);
  • Hub Full Service (Hub Basic Service plus simultaneous interpreting, moderation, organization, and equipment);
  • Hub Premium Service (Hub Full Service plus relay interpreting*).

* Relais interpreting is referred to as "indirect interpreting", i.e. the interpreters listen to the source language and render interpretation to a language common to all the other interpreters, who will render the message to their target language. For example: interpreting from Vietnamese into English in one booth and from English into Portuguese in another booth (as the Portuguese interpreters do not understand Vietnamese).

Our hub technical partner is BabelBox:

We are at your disposal to provide you with a quote tailored to your needs.