Mandarin interpreters

Kroll Languages provides interpreters for Mandarin in various language combinations. Mandarin is the most widely spoken language in the People’s Republic of China and is also spoken in Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore as well as in countless dispersion communities worldwide. There are an estimated 900 million native speakers worldwide. Together with the Beijing dialect, Mandarin is also the basis of standardised High Chinese. In addition, there are numerous other dialects spread throughout the country.

Skyline von Guiyang mit Jiaxiu-Pavillon
Geschäftsdistrikt von Peking

Mandarin Interpreters for Business

Interpreters for Mandarin are becoming increasingly important, especially in business contexts, since the aforementioned Mandarin is often used here. With the deepening of diplomacy and business relations with the People’s Republic of China in recent decades, qualified Mandarin interpreters are in demand in the Western world as never before. We would be happy to offer you a selection of interpreters suitable for your job profile. Simply contact us with your request!

Other services for you

The successful placement of interpreters for Mandarin and all other languages is of course only one of our services. We also offer interpreting and translating in our main languages German, English, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. We offer our interpreting services on site or via video conferencing.

For a successful video conference including interpretation, you can make use of our hub services. In our hub near Düsseldorf, we have everything we need for the successful implementation of your conference.

Hochhäuser in Shanghai an der Uferpromenade