Interpreters for Romanian

When hiring Romanian interpreting services from Kroll Languages, you get high-quality services. Romanian is the official language in Romania, the Republic of Moldova, and in various autonomous territories of other countries (Vojvodina/Serbia and Athos/Greece). In total, there are around 34 million speakers. Romanian is also a recognized minority or regional language in Bulgaria, Serbia (central Serbia), Ukraine, and Hungary. The Latin writing system is predominantly used for Romanian today.

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Traditionelles rumänisches Gewand

Interpreter for Romanian/German and other languages

An important element in the work of interpreters for Romanian/German or other combinations with Romanian is the influence of other languages. Three of the biggest influences on Romanian are French, Latin, and Old Slavic. Simultaneous or consecutive interpreting into or from Romanian is required, among other things, for business contacts (meetings, telephone conferences, video conferences), official matters, and court proceedings.

Other services from Kroll Languages

The successful staffing of interpreters for Romanian and all other languages complements our other services. They include but are not limited to interpreting and translating in our main languages of German, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish on-site or via video conferencing.

Our Hub Services also provide you with a fixed platform for the successful execution of your multilingual video conference. In our Hub near Düsseldorf, we have everything we need to successfully interpret your meeting.

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