Written Interpreting

Script interpreting – spoken language recorded in writing

Written interpretation is a means of communication for people with hearing loss or deafness. Affected persons who become deaf relatively late in life and understand sign language only to a limited extent must first learn it with difficulty. However, they can usually follow the written language well. With written interpreting, the spoken word is simultaneously transcribed so that the language is made available in written form. Depending on the equipment and the event, you will receive the written interpreted language on your smartphone, tablet or other technical device. Another option is to project the transcribed word onto a screen for all to see. Real-time written interpreting gives everyone the opportunity to react directly and, for example, to ask questions or put forward their own arguments during discussions. By arrangement, it is also possible to receive the transcript after the event so that everyone can read what was said again at their leisure.

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Script interpreters for various occasions

Kroll Languages is happy to provide you with qualified interpreters. They are used in a wide variety of areas. Similar to sign language interpreting, there is a legal entitlement to a written interpreter in dedicated cases. This is the case, for example, with summonses to appear in court or before the police. Accordingly, the costs can be covered by the social services – we will be happy to advise you on how to apply.

Other areas where written interpretation is of great importance are trade fairs and conferences. The provision of simultaneous interpreting supports accessibility and enables the participation of deaf and hard of hearing people. There are also opportunities to use script interpreters in schools, training or studies.

On-site or remote: Written interpreters in action

Written interpreters are deployed on site or remotely. On site, they receive the appropriate equipment to take simultaneous notes and output the text on the terminals. Online, the interpreter can be connected to the conference and thus carry out his/her work. It is important for organisers that certain technical terms are made available in advance so that the interpreters can prepare themselves optimally for their assignment, for example by setting up automatic text macros. In this way, simultaneous written interpretation can be ensured even more efficiently.

Feel free to use our hub services for online conferences. We provide you with the technology you need so that all participants can take part in the communication in real time.

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