Top-notch remote and on-site interpretation services

Kroll Languages is a company with vast experience and expertise in consulting, organizing, and implementing interpretation and translation services, videoconferencing, and providing event technology and equipment.

Thanks to our expertise, speed, flexibility, adaptability, and excellent preparation, we have built up a solid client base and expanded our portfolio since 2002.

We basically offer language services for German, Portuguese (Brazil, Portugal, and Africa), English, Spanish, French, and Italian. Kroll Languages also organizes teams of interpreters for almost all languages (e.g. Polish, Russian, Dutch, Arabic, Vietnamese, Korean, and Japanese)  required by our clients as we cooperate with a wide range of professionals worldwide. 

We have expertise in the following interpreting settings: 

  • Supervisory Board meetings;
  • Committee meetings;
  • European Works Council meetings;
  • Press conferences;
  • Virtual delegation trips;
  • Virtual FDA and ANVISA inspections;
  • Patient Ambassador Programs;
  • Product presentations;
  • All kinds of training (in particular, SAP training);
  • Contract negotiations;
  • Notarial interpreting;
  • Witness statements (depositions);
  • Arbitration proceedings;
  • Hearings in court (patent law);
  • Psychological assessment;
  • Virtual factory tours;
  • Virtual fashion shows;
  • Interviews;
  • Video shoots, and
  • Video interpreting/voice-over